Monday, March 9, 2009


Hope comes in many forms

Today President Barack Obama did what he promised on the campaign trail: To allow full research into Stem Cell Research. Dividing science from politics. Lifting Geo. W. Bush's band on federal funding on Stem Cell research. Making it possible for informed scientists and medical personnel to get on with finding a way to begin conquering many dreaded diseases.

This kind of decision concludes eight years of Middle Ages darkness and returns light and truth to research. The world deserves nothing less.

No one knows all that may come from this decision. It is not a medical miracle, but allows research to find the truth. To find what will help humanity. But to ignore progress and trust a false science based on miss-guided moral presumption is a bad direction to even consider.

Ideology trumped science for centuries. Doctors laughed at the doctor who suggested washing their hands between patients. That physician was laughed out of the hospital. But he was right.

Hope comes in many forms. May we not further hinder the hopes of many out in the future. As President Obama said today, "there is no finish line in science."

Nothing is more difficult than starting something new. Niccolo Machiavelli wrote something like that in the 15th century. This research no longer hampers science and medical from seeking the truth. "The Truth Will Set You Free" is quoted all the time for all sorts of things, but it is sure true in this case.

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