Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Elusive Truth

Today the airways are filled with ultra-conservative media, from right-wing "talk" shows to Christian programming of "seed" planting hype. Little chance to learn much truth from them. Their agenda is set, and truth has little to do with it. Like comedian Rust Limburger who along with Shame Hannity continue to blast our new president with lies and spin that would shatter a good old wooden top.

These "great Americans" as Hannity's worshipers call him and he calls them back, are hijacking the truth with their constant lying and distortions.

As a writer from Portland, Oregon, put it: "How can a democracy flourish when we can't even agree on what's true?"

Behold, our Lord is the shade on our right hand; the Lord will protect us from all evil; He will keep our soul.
Such reminders from the Psalms helps us to be careful in criticism and daring in discernment as we take each day in stride.

Enjoy the bluebonnets, they are as rare as truth this year.

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