Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jody's Day Interupted

Jody had a birthday yesterday. Remember the old saying "all the plans of mice and men..." might unravel. Her's did. The day before her March 4th birthday, I stopped off to check with my doctor on minor stuff, like breathing and pain. He wheeled me to the hospital and the tests and checks on my heart took us two days – the second one was Jody's special day. A big dinner or celebration. I shared my hospital soup with her. Being the trooper she has always been, there was no anger, no self-pity, nary a complaint. Only her lovely smile and bright Irish eyes that keep me going.

Every good and perfect gift is from the Father above
, wrote James in his New Testament letter to believers. Adapting to change of our plans was good in that it got our attention regarding our health.

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