Friday, March 20, 2009

Persian New Year

The videotaped Norouz (New Year) message by President Barack Obama to the Iranian people today is another evidence of the wisdom of talking with "suspected" enemies when possible. (It can be seen with Farsi subtitles on the Web site of Radio Farda.)

The first day of Spring is the traditional first day of the Persian New Year. Quoting Saadi (13th century Persian poet) with the ideas of connectedness. We are all the children of Adam.

This celebration was an event for all ancient Mesopotamia. As far back as man knows, the Sumerians (3000 BC) and Babylonians (2000 BC) observed it's deeply rooted Zoroastrian belief system. A world of good and evil. Forces that could go either way: peace, joy, health, beauty; or to those things that threaten these positive approaches: "hostile spirits" or evil. That is far too simple an explanation. It would be helpful to Christians to become more informed of these ancient beliefs and practices.

Israel's President, Shimon Peres, also broadcast a message to the Iranian people, urging them to "return to the enlightened world." Israel has a Farsi language radio channel that reaches the entire Middle East. We cannot have a peaceful world without a lot of effort by a lot of people of all languages and cultures.

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