Thursday, March 19, 2009

Former President to write a book

It is not a joke that George W. Bush has plans to write a book. It has been reported by reputable news sources and the Dallas Morning News. I read about it last month that former U.S. President George W. Bush, #43, would be writing a book on important decisions of his years in the White House.

New rumors have the book tentatively titled "Decision Points." His focus will be explaining the many decisions he had to make in both his personal and political life while leading our nation. Bush will get seven million U.S. dollars for his ghost-written view in hardback.

The president who famously called himself "The Decider," is looking to a 2010 publication date. He said in an interview, "I want people to understand the environment in which I was making decisions. I want people to get a sense of how decisions were made and I want people to understand the options that were placed before me."

So immediately we know it is a book for the people. It will be informative to know about some of his personal and presidential choices, such as his giving up drinking, deciding on having old family friend Dick Cheney as his running mate.

What many would like to know is the truth about his decision to invade Iraq rather than stay on trail of Osama bin Laden. Why his administration was the most secret in history? The real story of his National Guard experience would make a good chapter. The most amazing thing in Bush's life has been how he ever convinced such a beautiful, witty, intelligent woman like Laura to marry him. He married up as some say.

"A Charge To Keep", a 1762 Charles Wesley hymn, was the title of Bush's other ghost-written book. Before the book was written Mickey Herskowitz, Texas journalist, was interviewing Bush. Bush told him the book should focus on his policy objectives. According to Russ Baker, Mickey inquired what these might be. Bush replied, Ask Karl.

Not having read any book by any Bush I admit to being ignorant of his stories and policy objectives. I only know what the papers have written and what the majority of historians and journalists have shared. (#41 George W.H. Bush's book, "All the Best, George Bush: My Life and Other Writings," looks better as time goes on!)

Wanting to do my own research, I asked around for man-on-the-street comments on this coming literary project of Dr. Bush (remember he has several honorary degrees). No one locally wanted to be quoted. Some used language that cannot be printed in this family newspaper.

Not being discouraged, I kept at it and got a few comments: "Will it be a picture book?" And: "Will crayons cost extra?"

One fellow wanted to know if the title might be changed to "The Weapons of Mass Destruction Coloring Book." Another added that the crayons should be shaped like bullets and carbines.

It did not take long for me to realize that the results of my research might not be accepted by everybody. Some thought it disrespectful to make jokes on such an important book of revisionist history. Others changed the conversation as being "too unpleasant" or "unproductive."

One young man who said "duh..." a lot during our conversation said everybody should quit whining about George W. Bush. Duh thought Bush was a great president. He came into office with the country in debt and left office with a great surplus. (This young man quoted Karl Rove and Dick Cheney as sources of this information.)

Before Duh escaped I eye-balled him and said: "saying Bush was a great president doesn't make him a great one." Then he brought out the big guns quoting verbatim from right-wing radio personalities Shame Hannitie and Rust Limberger how the President Obama, #44, was going to destroy the country. (I refuse to spell these two spin specialists names correctly. Just do not want to give them any more publicity.)

So, if by 2010 books are still being published, get in line early at the library for the revealing Bush book. I'll wait for the paperback edition.

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