Friday, September 23, 2011

The Fielders of China, 1912-1950

China Missionary Days of the Wilson Fielders
Looking back can help us see the future more clearly.

Jody Towery standing in doorway of last house where an ill Lottie Moon lived. This photo was taken in 1985 so it is hoped someone has done some housecleaning by now. Lottie did not starve herself because the Chinese were hungry and starving. She was sick and died in a Japanese port city on her way to retirement in the USA.

This new book takes up the story of Baptists in China about the time Lottie died.

A new approach to telling the story of pioneer missionaries. This is the story of Maudie and Wilson Fielder, Texans who went to China 100 years ago to share the Gospel. It is their story and China's story of the 20th century.

Lots of Southern Baptists know of Lottie Moon, but little else of what Baptist work has been like in China (or rest of the world for that matter) from 1835 to 1950. This but a part, but an important part. To know where we have been helps us know where to go! (ancient Chinese proverb)

Britt Towery with Wilson Fielder March 8, 1953, Stag Creek Baptist Church, Comanche County Texas. Fielder went to China from Comanche County in 1912. Spent over two years in Japanese internment camp in Shanghai. The book Stangers in a Strange Land relates the story of Maudie Albritton Fielder and Wilson in China. Purchase through e-mail or regular mail: Britt Towery Or The Tao Foundation, 124 Northstar Drive, San Angelo, Texas 76903. $20. postage and handling.

Christian growth in China exceeds the national GDP

Pray for the new leaders of the churches and seminaries.

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