Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Maudie and Wilson Fielder in China 1912-1950”

The publication of my new book introduces the reader to pioneer Southern Baptist missionaries and their 40 years in China. That volatile first half of the 20th century as China struggles to become a republic.

STRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND is the story of a Comanche county cowboy, Wilson Fielder, and Maudie Albritton his West Texas sweetheart from Miles. Two pioneers in China’s Henan province from 1912 to 1950.

When Wilson settled in Kaifeng, an ancient capital of China on the Yellow River, where once a huge Jewish community resided, he realized he could not continue without his young sweetheart Maude. She wondered why he had not proposed before going to the ends of the earth. She joined him in 1914 and they were married in Shanghai.

How they dealt with the language, customs, Japanese air raids, warlords, bandits, young communists and two years in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, is an amazing story. A time when everything seemed strange until Maude learned she was as strange looking to the Chinese as they were to her.

Dozens of photos, maps and insights on China, the Fielder family and colleagues. Plus an update on China churches since 1950.

A fitting book gift for Christmas, church and school libraries, and that hard-to-please relative. A must for Baptist churches WMU or study groups. Purchases now accepted for $20.00 including postage. Special price for ten or more copies.

Bookstore signings in West Texas towns and hamlets in the planning stages.

Send an E-mail request with address to: bet@suddenlink.net
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Britt Towery
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