Friday, September 2, 2011

Roses and all the best to Dick Baker

This little note, in part, was sent through snail mail to friend Dick Baker in Plano, Texas.

Roses are for the living: Personal word to Dick Baker

Nobody ever sang "I may never pass this way again" like this blessed musician and friend. Just dropping this note to let him know what he means to us. As his late Bro. BO said so often in jest but from the heart, "Dick's always 'longing for Jesus.'

September 2, 2011
Dear Dick,

You are constantly in our thoughts. Jody and I would love to travel up to see you, but not in a position to do so.

But the many songs and words of encouragement to us through the years continue to be a blessing.

Like the time we went down into the Arizona San Manuel Copper Corporation underground mine with one of the church deacons. What a time it was. At lunchtime when they set off the explosives, you remarked that noise and shaking was same as the powerful blast of salvation that God gives. Changes everything. Always the poet. But more than a poet, your smile, songs and spirit brought up the light of any room you entered. You were great the week you spent with our growing church in the desert north of Tucson.

And that monkey in our backyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan when you and Bo took time to stop after meetings in Singapore. The monkey seemed to like you. How could it be otherwise.

And, the lunch with us for our daughter Linda’s birthday in the revolving restaurant in Kowloon in 1970. Your son Paul sure liked the oysters on a half shell in that supper-club basement of the Grand Hotel.

I’m looking at a BSU newsletter you and Jody wrote when she was finishing Farmersville High School, Texas, and you were beginning Baylor University. --- And the joy of introducing her best college friend, Margaret Ann Self to you. A meeting planned in heaven long before any of us were born.

We wish you and all your families and friends some of your joy and faith as the shades begin coming down and the light of real life begins to form out there in front of you.

God bless, dear friend, and thanks for coming our way.


弟克陶普義 牧師敬上
Britt Towery
124 Northstar Dr.
San Angelo, Texas 76903


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