Friday, March 26, 2010

Obama & the elusive race card

Frank Schaeffer, a Christian writer and speaker, has been speaking out on one of the most heated subjects of our day. He is especially prepared for this as the son of the famous Francis Schaeffer, who became a "savior" to the American Christian Right.

Frank Schaeffer has had enough of claims that America is now in a "post-racial" era. "If that's true," he asks, "why does so much of the opposition to President Barack Obama's actions seem to have a nasty undertone?"

I agree with Frank Schaeffer, the underlying reason so many have gone after President Obama with the intent to destroy all his efforts, has been that they do not want a person of African-American descent in the white house.

It is evident they would not have gone after Hillary Clinton had she become president. It is also apparent President Obama's year-long efforts at bipartisanship has not worked. Every time he turns around his opponents make personal attacks on his motives.

The most un-American act of the Republican National Committee's comparing the president to the infamous Joker character from Batman comics is beyond the pale. It was one thing for tea baggers carrying such signs and calling the president fascist, socialist, communist and the anti-Christ. But when the national opposition party spreads such videos, they have crossed the line.

Such raw bigotry is rampant simply because the man in the white house is not their shade of white. These people continue to claim he is not a citizen, not a real Christian, friend of terrorists and a man determined to destroy the nation. The right-wing radio talk shows harp on this daily. Those shows have decided nothing he does could possibly be right.

It just so happens that the threat level that the Secret Service investigates is up 400% above that of any previous presidency. (This fact is laughed off by the BHL Conspirators (Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh).

Have we read the so-called Manhattan Declaration, that warns our president that he'll be the "next Hitler" if he supports abortion rights and stem cell research. It is no mere coincidence this "threat" should appear with our present president in office.

The ganging up on Obama has nothing to do with the Obama/Hitler posters being circulated by the likes of people who also portray Obama with a bone in his nose! So when the evangelicals draw parallels to the Nazis that's just a coincidence too!

Frank Schaeffer points out that for the first time in American history a former Vice President (Dick Cheney) has accused the head of state of not wanting to keep America safe, has, "of course, nothing to do with disrespect to a black man!"

"We're living in a country where tens of millions of so-called conservatives would rather embrace outright and absurdly silly paranoid lies, go bankrupt, fail, lose our place in history and saddle ourselves with virtually infinite debt than work constructively with a moderate, decent, smart, kind and honest black man."

(Frank Schaeffer is New York Times best-selling author. Two of his many books: "Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Help Found the Religious Right," and "Patience With God: Faith for People Who Don't Like Religion (or Atheism)"

(In the San Angelo Standard-Times of Mar 26 brought 16 responses. 2 were positive) Most readers do not refute the truth, just trash the messenger (writer).

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