Sunday, March 21, 2010

50th Anniversay of Pingtung Taiwan Church

It was a lovely sunny Sunday in Pingtung (Pingdong)on January 17, 1960 as the charter members of the Pingtung Baptist Church organized to become a self-supporting church. A part of the National Taiwan Baptist Convention, which had been organized a few years before we arrived on Taiwan island, headquarters of the Republic of China, which next year will celebrate 100 years after overthrowing the Qing dynasty. Manchus from northeast China had ruled China from 1666 to 1911.

The photo was taken the day the church organized on #30 Linsen Lu. Still in a bamboo church in the yard of our house. We moved to Pingtung, the last large city before you come to the southern end of the beautiful isle. The Portuguese sailors were the first Europeans to see it and claim it. They called it FORMOSA, which means beautiful isle.

I hear the church is still going and doing well. I had hoped to go back to Taiwan for the 50th anniversay celebration. But am sending the a DVD of films of building the bamboo church and the lovely brick building seating 400 later in 1960.

I will add more photos as I uncover them.


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