Sunday, March 21, 2010

Urumqi, Xinjiang, China

Out in West China, nearly 3,000 miles from Shanghai and almost another country from the Han people's China. In history the area was called Turkestan or Chinese Turkestan. The people are Muslim and look more Middle Easterns. They speak Turkish and their writing reminds us of Arabic and Hindi. The name today is Xinjiang Province and is neighbors with Afghanistan and Central Asian, former Soviet-controlled states. The above scene is of happy folks gathered around like a musical picnic. Can't read the artist's name but like that kind of art. Several tribes populate the area and the Chinese government have moved man Han Chinese there to keep it under control. The natives would rather be their own boss, just as many Tibetians and Taiwanese want home control.
Britt Towery visited Wulumuqi (Urumqi) the capital often in the 1980s. Leading a Retreat for English teachers in the schools there.

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