Friday, May 20, 2011

More on China's Master Storyteller

The above graphic announces the Beijing Performing Arts Theater's presentation of Lao She's graphic novel of the years the people of Beijing, China, endured the Japanese invasion in the 1930s. The title of the novel in Chinese is "Four Generations" and the English translation by Ida Pruitt (Southern Baptist missionary's daughter, 1888-1987) is titled "Yellow Storm." It is being presented June,2011.

When I was last in Beijing, 1999, I enjoyed seeing Lao She's "Teahouse" as a musical. It was first class in every way. Nothing can compare to what the Chinese can do in the arts. I attended the presentation along with Lao She's widow Hu Jieqing, her son Shu Yi and daugher Shu Ji, both writers of renown in China. For more on Lao She, his museum and works go to my other web site: Lao She.

Marjorie King, Ph.D., an independent historian, who taught at the Beijing Foreign Affairs College, wrote the biography of Ida Pruitt titled: "China's American Daughter." Published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2006. ISBN 962-996-221-7. Chinese University Press web site.

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