Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sat down to study and a huge 18-wheeler stopped just outside our gate with a stuck horn you could hear across the Keelung harbor. In Taiwan you can drive a car or a truck without many things -- but not without a horn.

As the noise continued, it was apparent the driver could not fix it. My afternoon study time ceased. I have an aversion to loud noises and talkative people. The words on the pages ran together as I set my mind to get some work done in spite of the interruption.

As I approached the gate of our house to help stop the noise, it dawned on me. Here was an opportunity to share my faith with the small crowd that gathered around the truck. Grabbed a few gospel tracts and headed out to do battle.

What I first saw as a very noisy interruption became an opportunity. Shift through the New Testament and you will be amazed how many times Jesus was interrupted.

Interruptions are always with us, and when we see them as an opportunity, they make the whole situation better.

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