Friday, May 29, 2009

INTRODUCING personal China journal

As the years roll on and on and on, I am glad to still be alive. Even if it is out here on the West Texas plains. There is much to be thankful for. So in this exciting place just a hundred miles from my birthplace, I am laying out our journey since Jody and got off the coastal steamer in Taiwan in the Year of Our Lord, 1957.

To date, five chapters or episodes have been posted. They are on my other web site. The site can be found by clicking on the China map at right or here:

It is not meant to be biography or anything other than just the memories from my journals and notes. It is a most privileged life and one with more blessings and "learnin' times" than one person should ever have. It gives insights into the Taiwan Baptist Mission and Convention from its start in 1951 through 1966 when we moved from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, to Hong Kong. It has low points and great moments. Remember, it is all from my point of view. So take an aspirin or open a cold one and wander with us on a journey no one knows better than I do. My plan is to stay as near the truth as possible. Parts may read like a novel, but most of it just good old missionary work (and some stuff not so "missionary"). As time and life permit, the story will continue from out of the West about the East of the-not-so-distant past.

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