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M*A*S*H Trivia Answers

Answers to M*A*S*H trivia Piece Just before this one

Last week we took a break from the world’s wars; the political primaries and confusion of a dysfunctional Washington, in an effort to settle our nerves and visit the lighter side of life.

Once upon a time a 1970s television series, set in the 1950s Korean War, spoofed the futility of war as American got more and more bogged down in Vietnam. Few programs since have begun to touch the humor, pathos, satire and near-reality as did this TV series based on the novel by Richard Hooker and Ring Lardner, Jr.’s 1970 dark comedy screenplay, “M*A*S*H.”

The television series (“M*A*S*H” is short for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) ran from 1972 to 1983. Alan Alda, son of actor Robert Alda (who appeared in two episodes), For thsplayed Captain Benjamin Franklin Pierce, better known as ‘Hawkeye,’ an anti-war surgeon there against his will but making the most of it. He was famous for refusing to carry a sidearm of any king. He also wrote and directed a number of episodes.

For those who enjoy trivia, and have been addicted to M*A*S*H as I have, I offered ten trivia questions last week about that television series.

F0r the long-suffering faithful the time has come to reveal the answers. Here are the questions followed by the answers in bold type:

1. For a time, Hawkeye and Captain ‘Trapper’ John McIntyre (Wayne Rogers) had a houseboy. What was his name?
Ho Jan.

2. What outfit did Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger (Jamie Farr) wear when General Douglass MacArthur drove through camp?
Statue of Liberty costume.

3. At a goodbye dinner, what did Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar give Lt. Colonel Henry Blake (McLean Stevenson) for a farewell gift?
A new suit.

4. Where was Major Frank Burns (Larry Linville) transferred after leaving the 4077th?
Veterans Hospital in Indiana.

5. What was name of Hawkeye’s hometown?
Crabapple Cove.

6. Who replaced Trapper John when he left the series?
Captain B. J. Hunnicut (Mike Farrell).

7. When a new shipment of Bibles arrived, Father Francis Mulcahy (William Christopher) discovers a glaring typographical error. What is it?
“Thou shalt commit adultery.”

8. What was unique about Gary Burghoff, who played Corporal Walter Eugene ‘Radar’ O’Reilly?
He was the only actor to play same character in both the film and the television series.

9. Major Charles Winchester (David Ogden) falls for a Frenchwoman who is on tour with the Red Cross. What changes his mind about their future together?
He discovers she used to have a live-in lover.

10. What inspired Hawkeye to give up booze?
High bar tab.

Sorry, there are no prizes.

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