Thursday, November 10, 2011

My One Per-center View

I must admit to being a part of the ninety-nine percent of the population who would love to see a little sunlight in these fogged-in darkening days. The one percenters are not entirely at fault for the foreboding clouds of displeasure. There is plenty of blame to go around for our winter of our discontent.
First, we are to blame for not electing better representatives. Second, for not demanding more integrity from them. Third, Demand our two major political parties develop and present us voters with competent and responsible leadership choices. Fourth, learn from these mistakes and pray forgiveness for not being better informed on the candidates.

Jack Abramoff, former king of the lobbyist and great colleague of Tom DeLay, appeared on last Sunday’s 60 Minutes program. Abramoff said nothing has changed in Washington since he was convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy in 2006. The lobbyists keep handing out the goodies and the politicians keep taking them. (Whenever you hear a man speak of his love for his country, it is a sign that he expects to be paid for it. – H. L. Mencken.)

We never seem to learn just how crooked the human heart can be. Stand up and speak out against the huge banks and corporations. They deserve a profit for their work, but not such outlandish ever-increasing profits. No longer is a simple profit enough.

Mantras of the establishment are many: Don’t rock the boat. Don’t upset the apple cart. Do not disrupt the status quo (Latin for “the things that were before”). Leave well enough alone. Innovation we don’t need.

The right to speak out in the public square is seldom appreciated by the authorities. In the 1830s to speak out against slavery was right and proper, but not at the best parties. Women took to the streets to gain the right to vote even when it was not ladylike. While they had the right to voice their opinion there were those who sat on the curb shaking their heads in disbelief of this audacity of freedom of speech.

The spontaneous rise of citizens, who formed "tea parties," or joined the "occupy" movement, have the right to speak, to give voice to their beliefs. Like it or not, it is the law.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has struck a cord with those who see the USA becoming the USC (the United States of Corporations). The Supreme Court has said corporations are persons, giving them rights to vote and pay for political candidates who will keep them in power.

As the Occupy movement has spread so has the resistance. A second Iraq war veteran has suffered serious injuries at the hands of the police in Oakland, California. Kayvan Sabehgi is in intensive care with a lacerated spleen. What a way to spend Veteran’s Day!

Sabehgi was walking away from the main area of trouble when he was clubbed and arrested. He spent 18 hours in jail before finally being sent to a hospital.

The Occupy movement is on the side of the police, as well as firefighters, teachers, nurses and countless other professions that continue to feel being short-changed.

These Occupiers don’t fit any mold except the freedom to sound off. It is an effort to save America’s middle class from becoming only a footnote in world history books.

It took Martin Luther King Jr. and hundreds of disenfranchised blacks years of demonstrations to wake up the Kennedy and Johnson administrations of the blatant injustices to fellow citizens.

How long will it take to wake us up to the corruption in high places and the increasing greed all around?

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