Monday, June 20, 2011

A Walk Across Taiwan, 1959

This bunch of guys took it upon themselves to walk from the foothills east of Taichung, Taiwan, across the mountains to the east coast town of Hua Lien. It was Springtime in the rockies, 1959.

On the right is our patient and very helpful guide, a tribal man who knew the mountains. The two on his right were provincial officials and men involved in the building of a highway across the mountains. We stayed in camps like this one along the way. Men of President Chiang Kai-Shek's mostly retired mainland army did the building.

From left standing is Harlan Spuregon, Taiwan SBC missionary, later president of a college in Missouri. Next to him on his left is Oz Quick, World War II chaplain that was on the invasion of several islands, later missionary to mainland China, in the Guilin area (one of China's many beautiful scenic spots) and then Taiwan. Next to him, a laymen with the Conservative Baptist Missionary Society and working with the U.S. government. I regret my records do not have his name.

Kneeling in front, left, is Richard Morris and on the right is this humble writer, Britt E. Towery, Jr. missionary at that time in the northern port city of Keelung, Taiwan.

The trip gave us some idea of the beauty of the island. Orchards were plentiful along the trails. Some of the cliff side trails made us wonder if this was a good idea. At the end of the walk was the great marble country in the cliffs and valleys that open up to the Pacific Ocean. That area now a great tourist spot.


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