Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love of war root of all evil

The events of recent weeks in North Africa and other Middle East countries show the inner desire of peoples everywhere is to be free and not dictated in everything they say and do. This is what could have happened in Iraq had some rather dim-witted folks in the United States government not gone to war. It was becoming a reality for the people of Iran back in 1953 when USA agents ousted a fully democratically-elected leader and brought the Shah back. The Shah killed more than the Mullahs have.

How many times does it have to be said? War solves nothing. War breeds more war. War is a hell far more frightening than that preached from the backwoods of East Texas. Or, for that matter anywhere hell is mentioned. It shows man's inability to learn from the past. It reveals how little men can be.

There is nothing heroic about war. Those who love war are not the kind of people any country needs in leadership. I could (and will) paraphrase the Bible verse: "THE LOVE OF WAR IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL."

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