Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sarah Palin Rides Again

Sarah "duh" Palin rides again, but she has never really been out of the saddle since Senator McCain introduced her to the world the summer of 2008. Back in '08 she came on the scene, glib of tongue, short on common sense and history, geography --- but she could see Russia from her front porch.

I am amazed so many people think Sarah Palin has anything to say. The poor grandmother should be home caring for her born-out-of-wedlock grandchild instead of off giving speeches that a six year old would be ashamed to give.

The poor we will always have with us, but do we have to have SARAH?

A pretty girl is what brings out the crowd and those who do not know square one about the real needs of the country at this moment. No quick remedies, no instant changes but hard work, opening eyes of the "no" party (GOP), educate right wing radio hosts to share something of value and give some solutions, rather than hate and lies about our President. When did Hannity have an original or thoughtful, truthful word???

Check out RACHEL MADDOW on her MSNBC program each evening for the facts are researched and triple-checked and informative.

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