Friday, November 20, 2009

Behind Ft. Hood: US Invasion of Iraq

To avoid another Ft. Hood, bring the troops home

Now the American Indians, blacks, Jews, illegal immigrants, and all other minorities can relax in this land of the free and the home of the brave. You ask, Why? Because the latest clan on the block to fear and degrade are the Muslims.

U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan's killing spree on unsuspecting and innocent civilians and solders at Fort Hood was tragic, unfortunate and unnecessary. SOME MISGUIDED SOULS THINK IT WAS A TERRORIST ATTACK -- anything to spread fear.

Christian radio talk shows (such as American Family Association), all right-wing nuts on radio talk shows and the Internet are agreeing that this event at Fort Hood proves there "is an enemy within" that is out to destroy America. And the blame is because we have a bi-racial president. According to the comedian Rusty Limbaugh, President Barack Obama hates our country and is out to destroy it.

By ignoring the few facts known regarding the Ft. Hood murders, and refusing to wait for the actual facts to be studied and revealed, the Tea Party is out for blood – Islamic blood. These folks are not kidding and the rest of us best pay attention. Highway bill boards proclaiming a revolution to save America are sprouting up in Georgia and Colorado.

Those on the weird fringes of Christianity and politics are for stopping immigration of Muslims. And give the 3,700 Muslims now in the US military dishonorable discharges.

Bryan Fischer, of American Family Radio, writes on the company's web site: "It became evident almost immediately that the mass murderer in yesterday's killing spree at Fort Hood was a Muslim who was motivated by jihadist impulses. ... it is time, to stop the practice of allowing Muslims to serve in the U.S. military."

From all corners comes the question: How could we have missed this wayward Muslim assassin? How could these deaths been avoided? Who is responsible for the slip-ups that led this Muslim to kill his comrades? The FBI? The CIA? The National Security branch? It goes much deeper than one person or group mishap. We could have avoided this horror in Fort Hood by not invading Iraq in the first place. When the U.S. armed forces bombed and invaded Baghdad, an unending war unfolded. It turned the Middle East to mistrust and hate America.

In 2002 I wrote more than once for Bush to not start a war. He was intent on it. This week in England a committee of the highest order is going back over the records and concluded Bush was going into IRAQ he told the Prime Minister in 2002, a full year before the invasion.

The congress foolishly followed a president whose only warfare experience was successfully protecting the skies of Texas from the Vietcong. Men who have never been to war, so not know what hell it is; violence begets violence, not peace.

Most of this year, congress and talk radio-TV have talked the cost of health care being just too much money. I don't remember there being such talk when we revived up to invade Iraq. That on-going war expense of over one trillion (a million million) dollars was not debated like health care has been. Congress jumped immediately on the Dick Cheney tanks and planes and never looked back or counted of the cost in money and lives. American health care costs cannot top that.

We must withdraw our military from the Middle East. Such an unpopular move could solve a lot problems. (Example: Save tremendous amount of dollars now spent for war.)

We are not wanted in Iraq or Afghanistan. Both places are multi-racial tribal chiefs our government put in power. Both head men and their staffs are corrupt and show no signs of changing their ways. It is time to get out of the Middle East and the other 700 bases around the world. Then there may not be another Ft. Hood massacre. Showing our strength with smaller countries has in reality shown our inner weakness.

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