Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama won't air in SAISD!

Our school kids are denied hearing the president next Tuesday.

The Friday morning (Sept. 4) newspaper of the San Angelo Standard-Times had the most disappointing headline I have read in years: '"OBAMA WON'T AIR IN SAISD (San Angelo Independent School District).

Carol Ann Bonds began to get e-mails with demands, threats and all kinds of excuses that President Obama's speech of encouragement to school kids not be shown. Some would keep their children at home. Man, what an example of stupidity that is for children.

Some excuses for going along with the boycott were it came during lunch hour, not enough monitors and just too hard to adjust the schedule.

The Fox Television News and right-wing nut radio "performers" have done a good job of spreading fear about anything our president does or attempts to do. They have called him a Nazi without knowing what real Nazis did.

Time to call things as they are: many in this country are just not ready to admit a black man can be president. This one has too many progressive ideas as over against the status-quo.

Rep. Mike Conaway, the San Angelo congressman, said he "hoped the president would refrain from politicking while addressing our nation's children."

Evidently he has yet to read what I wrote him about heath care and the need for a public option. Did he question George W. Bush's talk to school kids? Did he wonder about the great communicator-actor Ronald Reagan's talk to them back in the 1980s? No one on God's green earth lifted a finger or protest.

Fear and a condescending attitude against blacks, pushing the boundary of hate, is learned at home by parents with that perception.

Time to get real, folks, this "revolt" against our president has sunk to an all-time low. Birthers, "he's a Muslim," "He wants socialism," "He's a communist." None of this hogwash the right (even some congressmen/women) continue to harp on such. Men carrying guns to one of Obama's speeches, just because they can, is playing with fire.

American is going to need more than good luck to pull out of this self-induced injury of the blind leading the blind.

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