Monday, February 23, 2009

God Receives My Prayer

Nothing on earth sustains the soul like time spent in prayer. Time alone where none can intrude though many are the devices that try to make me put it off. There is always something else to do, when pray time comes around. In the morning, too sleepy, or hurried, in the evening, to tired. Even when the praise and prayer get started it is often difficult to stay on topic. We lightly say to friends, "You are on my prayer list." Do we write it down? Do we mean it enough to write it down and pray specifically as we said we would? If we pray as we have been taught by the Lord Jesus, leave the matter at his feet, expect answers. No verbal, or even instant answers, but wait upon the Lord and he will meet your need, not your want. We need reminding that God is not a good luck charm and prayer is not just memorized phrases. Have this mind in you that was in our Lord Jesus Christ.

When I prayed to God, whose righteousness alone sustains me, He has made room for me in my distress. He has been gracious to listen to my prayer. I am amazed as God says to me: How long will you love what is worthless? How long will your aim be deception?

O Lord, many wonder if there is any good? They forget to praise you every morning and evening. God has put gladness in my heart. In peace I will rest the night for Thou alone, O Lord, makes me dwell in safety. (Psalm 4 as I see it.)

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